The IRCAM API (application programming interface) is a software library of functions for camera control, image data acquisition and image processing.

The IRCAM API supports all IRCAM cameras, common Camera Link frame grabbers and the Gigabit Ethernet interface. The IRCAM API unifies the interface to all supported hardware. For OEM customers and system integrators the IRCAM API offers hardware access and permits the integration into own applications. The IRCAM API is delivered as a Windows DLL with detailed documentation. An up-to-date hardware compatibility list is available on request.

Features and functions:

  • Control of all functions of IRCAM cameras (integration time, windowing, A/D offset, pixel clock, MIO functions …)
  • Support of diverse frame grabbers and cameras
  • Simultaneous multiple camera operation
  • Lossless image data acquisition
  • Non-uniformity correction (offset and linear NUC)
  • Bad pixel replacement
  • Extraction of metadata (frame number, A/D values, camera temperature, …)

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