IRCAM Works is a comprehensive software for infrared imaging applications. The intuitive single-window graphical user interface (GUI) gives quick access to all important information and functionalities. IRCAM Works allows a comfortable configuration and control of IRCAM infrared cameras and the capture, display, saving, loading and evaluation of IR images. The innovative image manager, a tree-structure tool, is used for administration of live and acquired images, sequences and NUC data.

IRCAM Works also provides a framework for optional modular extensions which are integrated seamlessly and fully associatively. These functional extensions make IRCAM Works a powerful, flexible and comprehensive all-in-one solution in all fields of quantitative infrared imaging.

General features

  •  Modern, intuitive, easy-to-learn single-window graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Speed-optimized code for image processing and display
  • Memory manager for image/sequence data larger than RAM memory
  • Context-sensitive, extensive help
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Camera / hardware control

  • Control of all IRCAM camera functions
  • MIO interface control
  • Filter wheel control
  • Motor focus control
  • Camera Link framegrabber & GigE support
  • Simultaneous multiple camera operation
  • Software camera simulator

Image display

  • Live camera image display
  • Multiple image windows
  • Graphical gain/level scaling tool with histogram
  • Auto-gain & auto level functionality
  • Range re-scaling (two references)
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Continous image zoom (25 % - 1600 %)
  • Image crop, rotate, mirror

Image acquisition & management

  • Buffered, lossless acquisition of images (raw 14 bit)
  • Image manager for images/sequences/cameras/NUC
  • Record, save, load, edit images/sequences
  • Non-uniformity correction (one- & two-point NUC)
  • Bad pixel replacement
  • Metadata editor
  • Export function (BMP, PNG, RAW, AVI, clipboard)
  • Import function (3rd party data formats)
  • Video recorder-like operation with edit/cut function

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